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While awaiting the coming of The New Website, here's how you order:

Mark the titles you want and copy them into an e-mail. Send it to along with your address.

You can find all my sales titles in the pictures section of my Facebook site or under the various sections of this site:

International orders: I'll get back to you with postage costs after you order.

Postage rates Norway:

1-2 x 7" singles/CD = 40NOK/€4
3-> x 7" singles/CD = 74NOK/€8
1-3 x 10"/LP = 115NOK/€12
4-> x 10"/LP = 170NOK (Norgespakke)/€18

Postage rates Europe:

1-2 x 7" singles/CD = 40NOK/€4
3-> x 7" singles/CD = 74NOK/€8
1-3 x 10"/LP = 115NOK/€12
4-> x 10"/LP = 170NOK (Norgespakke)/€18

All orders: try the Punk-Post group on Facebook for free shipment.


Cheap crust punk 12" vinyl

Free crust patches with every order!

Life Possession / Gomora - K Přírodě Zády / Znamení Doby - €5,5 / 50NOK

Gusto Rana! Production, Hardcore Attack Records, Wahnfried Records, Wolfdrunk, G.R.F.Records & Distribution, Aback Distribution, Undislessed Records 2010. White / Black Splatter, 515 copies

Giuda ‎– Giuda - €11 / 100NOK
Agipunk 2007. Clear vinyl version limited to 200 copies.

Agathocles ‎– Obey Their Rules - €5 / 50NOK

State-Fucker Records ‎2009. Grindcore.
Regular edition with A4 insert.

CHICKENS CALL - 27 - €11 / 100NOK

Perce-OreilleChicken's CallTofu GuerrillaJ'appelle Les FlicsYvonne Maiden 2009

8 songs recorded in the mountains in july 2009, in little less than 10 days. 25 minutes of melodic anarchopunk and punk rock. 500 on black vinyl (this) and 500 on red transparent vinyl. english translations inside.

"This 12" marks the second full lengh already of the French Punk Band that amazed a lot of folks who saw them Live on their recent 2009 Tour just a few weeks ago. They use melodies and tunes along with energetic crushing punk rock and create a very interesting and special brand of style. If you look for a good record of a good band that will hopefully stand many more of such great tours and records... you´ve found it!" RUINNATION DISTRO/ GERMANY (

Listen here:

Electric Funeral ‎– D-Beat Noise Attack / Make A Change - €9,5 / 90NOK

Shogun Records 2010 compilation of the "D-Beat Noise Attack" & "Make A Change" demo tapes (Distort The World Records).

Hardcore, Noise, Punk

Peace Or Annihilation ‎– Fear Control - €5,5 / 50NOK

Shogun Records, France 2012. Hardcore, Punk

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