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Busted distro is distributing Punishment Park exclusively

...more or less. Punishment who you say? Only the hardest working underground punk/hardcoreband from Bergen in the entire 90's. 

When everyone else was busy doing everything else, Punishment Park toured and worked their ass off. They released a handful of albums and made way for everyone else coming after them. If it hadn't been for guitarist Kjell, I probably never would've ended up getting a radioshow and thus becoming Punkebjarte in the first place so thanx for that. Kjell is still an active musician and its an honour to get to distribute these babies for him. 

Punishment Park on Spotify

YouTube links:

Punishment Park - Party (Full Album) 1998 - available on CD

All CDs are Chinese reissues. 

Their split 7" with LYSINA LENNINA (Poland) is also available

by Kjell
1990 – Kjell E. Moberg forms PUNISHMENT PARK in November –90. The band’s first rehearsal takes place on December the 23rd 1990. The line up: Kjell – Guitar, Pez – Drums, Anja – Lead vocals & Claes – Bass.
1991 – PUNISHMENT PARK play their first gig ever on the 19th of April, at Hulen Rock Club in Bergen / Norway. On the 26th of April Punishment Park support ”Life But How To Live It!” at Garage Rock Club in Bergen, Norway. On the 8th of May Punishment Park support ”Pompel & The Pilts” at Joss Pub in Høyanger, Norway. On the 10th of May Punishment Park support ”Femi Gange” at Hulen Rock Club in Bergen, Norway and support ”Pompel & The Pilts” again on the 16th of May at Garage Rock Club in Bergen, Norway. In May Sveni joins the band on keyboard, but he joins the band too late to play on the first album. During the rest of the year Punishment Park played together with bands like: Stage Dolls, Stengte Dører and Old Funeral. Punishment Park releases their first album in August 1991. The first person who bought the debut cd was Varg Kristian Vikernes or Count Grishnackh from the band Burzum. The release was followed by a great release party at Hulen Rock Club in Bergen, Norway at the end of August. In November Punishment Park get a call from A&S Musicproductions in Germany. Punishment Park get their first record deal offer at the end of November this year.
1992 – PUNISHMENT PARK signs the deal with A&S Musicproductions for one LP/CD. Anja leaves the band in January in order to focus on her studies. Leni replaces Anja on lead vocals. Punishment Park record their new album ”The Return Of The Shovel Police” during one week of June in Delta Studio, Germany. This album was never released by A&S Musicproductions or their partners Inline Music/AVC Music. As it all turns out later these companies were big frauds. They cheated new and upcoming bands for money and rights. Punishment Park struggled with these corrupt companies for many years. Punishment Park was lucky enough to keep a copy of the master dat tape of the recordings. Punishment Park went on their first European tour in the autumn of 1992. Punishment Park toured Belgium, France, Yugoslavia and Norway with the American band Agent 86. In Lyon, France Punishment Park played with Jawbreaker from USA. Punishment Park had to cancel their one month tour of Italy due to 4 serious breakdowns of their very old van in Norway, Holland, France and Germany during the tour. Leni was sacked from Punishment Park in November 1992, after only 10 ½ month’s in the band.
1993 – PUNISHMENT PARK starts to write new songs without a new lead singer. The band tried out a few singers who didn’t work out at all. In April Kikki calls the band, and after just one rehearsal she got the job. Punishment Park starts the recordings for their new album during the summer of -93. Sveini quits the band to focus on his studies. Birgitte joins Punishment Park for a short time on keyboard to replace Sveini, but leaves after just a few weeks. After all this the band decided to become a quartet for ever. Punishment Park played a couple of gigs, but 1993 was a quiet year for the band.

1994 – PUNISHMENT PARK continues the work and recording of their new album. Punishment Park goes on a 4 ½ week European tour in April/May. The tour included Poland, Slovakia, Czech rep. and Germany. During this tour Punishment Park played with bands like ”Jawbox” in Poznan, Poland, ”Dirt and Hellcrusher” in Halle, Germany, ”Hammerhead” and ”Jennet & Joe” in Halberstadt, Germany. Punishment Park played 27 gig’s during this tour spread over the above countries. Punishment Park gets their first number one hit on an indie radio program in Croatia with their song ”This Ain’t No New York Rap Shit!”, it was voted number one for two weeks. At the end of the year Punishment Park start to mix their new album. In addition the album from 1991 is released by Harmony Records in Czech rep. on vinyl LP in 666 copies only. This LP version was only sold at gig’s.
1995 – PUNISHMENT PARK and the Swedish Tequila Girls go on a 2 ½ week tour in Germany in May. Punishment Park does a few gig’s in Norway. At the end of the year the band release the MC Blendwerk in 500 copies. As a bonus A&S Musicproductions, Inline Music and AVC Music goes bust, after beeing sued by several bands including Punishment Park. Punishment Park get back all their rights for the album ”The Return Of The Shovel Police” All artwork was lost for ever. Rovers Records in Poland release Punishment Park’s first album from 1991 on MC in Poland only. First pressing was 1000 copies, and sold out fast.
1996 – PUNISHMENT PARK is picked up by Dream Circle Records in Germany. Dream Circle Records release the album Blendwerk on CD, including 4 bonus tracks from the recordings from the album ”The Return Of The Shovel Police” (1992), which was never released. Punishment Park goes on a 2 ½ week tour in June through Germany together with their friends Tequila Girls. Punishment Park also play some gigs in Norway.
1997 – Punishment Park takes a break. The band only plays some local shows in and around Bergen, Norway, including the show at Hulen Rock Club in February together with Tequila Girls, Twigs and Furia. This show was done for the fun of it all and the party after the gig. The gig was recorded live. PUNISHMENT PARK takes a break again until April. Then they begin the preparations for three concerts in London, UK: 1-4 of May at Rusking Arms, The Albion & The Laurel Tree. One week before depaurture Punishment Park’s drummer Pez was beaten up by a crazy man at Os, 30 minutes south of Bergen. Pez ended up in hospital and stayed there for a while. The London trip is cancelled due to this. Pez got back on his feet just in time for Punishment Park’s concert at Quart Festivalen 03.July 1997 in Kristiansand, Norway. Punishment Park keeps a low profile until the 29th, 30th & 31st of August. Punishment Park goes to London to give three concerts at Rusking Arms, Goldsmith Tarven & The Penbury. Punishment Park take Twigs with them to London as a supportig act. Punishment Park stops their CD Blendwerk and pulls it off the marked because of dissatisfaction with the CD cover artwork. Punishment Park plays a few concerts during the rest of 1997. Between the gigs Punishment Park take some time off from music.

1998 – The album Blendwerk is rereleased with a new CD cover artwork and a new title ”Party” by Dream Circle Records in Germany. Party sold 1200 copies the 2 first weeks, only in Germany alone. Punishment Park starts the recording of a new album, release date not confirmed yet. Two split vinyl 7” are also released: Punishment Park/Mu 330 & Punishment Park/Link 80. Both 7” are released in 1000 copies and given away free to the fans. Punishment Park plays a few gigs during the year, but nothing more really happens during 1998.
1999 – Punishment Park is released on the Indica Records compilation ”Inhale Fig. 2” with a brand new song ”Survival Sweetie”. Other bands on the comp are No Means No, Grimskunk, Liberator, Voodoo Glow Skulls ++ more. Punishment Park is released on The DHMG/October Party Records compilation ”Genetic Mutations Volume One” with another brand new song, a cover version of the old German band Nena’s big hit from the 80’s ”99 Luftballons”. Other bands on the comp: Ex-Cathedra, Los Fastidios, Grimskunk, The Guttersnipes, Twigs, Derozer ++ more. Punishment Park is released on the compilation CD ”Outra Coletanea Em CD” from Detroit Noise Records with the track ”99 Luftballons”. Other bands on the comp: Hillside Stranglers, Jason, The Splits, Skels ++ more. Dream Circle Records release the single ”99 LUFTBALLONS” in Germany, where it becomes a small radio hit for the band. Claes desides to leave Punishment Park to concentrate on his studies. In August the band asks Katy (lead vocalist and bass player in the great band Twigs) to replace Claes. Katy joins the band from August 1999. Katy entered the stage with Punishment park at Garage Rock club in Bergen, Norway in November. The concert was a massive hit. Katy rocks like hell and the audience love the new Punishment Park bass player.
2000 – Punishment Park continue to write and record new songs for the new album they started on in 1998, This album ended up as the “sweetie-ep”. This was released at the last official Punishment Park concert on the 30 of September 2000, together with No Means No at Garage in Bergen / Norway.
2001 – Punishment Park are not existing as a band anymore. The members of Punishment Park are taking Dream Circle records to court. Punishment Park will be appearing on several compilation CDs, LP’s, MC’s around the world during 2001.
Punishment Park played a show at the Ride This Train Festival in Bergen/Norway in 2004.
Punishment Park played at a private party for Os Rockeklubb, just for fun, with friends on Saturday 26 of November in Lysekloster/Norway in 2005.
In 2007 Punishment Park started to talk about a reunion of the band.
On Friday the 8 of May 2009 Punishment Park sat down together at a bar in Bergen. The goal for the night: Get the band together and start to playing again, it took about 9 years to get this done.
2012 Punishment Park finally played the planed reunion show at the Barons Festival in Os on the 28 of July.
2015 Punishment Park again had serious talks about starting the band again, but agreed on waiting till mid 2016 before looking at when it is possible.
1991: PUNISHMENT PARK “self titled cd” 1992: PUNISHMENT PARK “the return of the shovel police” (was not released officially before 2000 due to throuble with German record company, but a limited numbers of the album was released on MC) out on vinyl. 1995: PUNISHMENT PARK “blendwerk” mc, out on cd in 1996 on Dream Circle rec and rerealsed with a new cover and title in 1999 “party” 2000: PUNISHMENT PARK “sweetie ep” only on vinyl
The cd’s are out in China on october party records, 3 cd’s: punishment park, party with sweetie ep as bonus tracks, the return of the shovel police..
The band appeared at hundreds compilation mc’s, lp’s cd’s all over the world over the years. Russia, Poland, USA, Canada, Brazil, China, South Africa, Norway, UK, Germany etc…

Punishment Park in Delta Studio (Germany) during the summer of 1992

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