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4-> x 10"/LP = 170NOK (Norgespakke)/€18

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3-> x 7" singles/CD = 74NOK/€8
1-3 x 10"/LP = 115NOK/€12
4-> x 10"/LP = 170NOK (Norgespakke)/€18

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V/A - BÆRRE PÅ JÆVEL VOL. 3 - €22 / 200NOK
Nordnorsk Punk 1995-2005

Fucking North Pole Recs 2018. Limited Edition, yellow vinyl. 400 copies made. 
Includes booklet and DVD. The DVD is a documentary about the punk bands VanskaptLofast and Nord Mot Nord. Director for the film is Carl Christian Lein Størmer. (

Listen here


Big Day Recs 2018. Melodic and fast punkrock, Trondheim, NO. 
Kjapp, melodiøs og lamhetskritisk pønk fra Trondheim. (

Det er noko heilt spesielt når ein slår saman klassiske punkeriff med ein usminka vokal som skrik ut linjer på trondheimsk. Eg må innrømma at eg sleit litt med å lika dette med det første, men det fengjer meir og meir. Det må seiast at poppunken og skatepunken har hatt ein solid oppsving her til lands i det siste, og Anti-Lam Front er ein del av dette, i ganske så stor grad. Dette er ein miks av alle dei banda eg høyrte på når eg var yngre, men to band som stikk seg ut er No Use For A Name og NOFX.  
På plata får du servert ein skikkeleg fyldig bass, feite riff som er spydd rett frå den aller beste punkemusikken 90-talet hadde å by på og refreng med skikkeleg allsangfaktor. Eg tykkjer det er så kult når folk syng på sin eigen dialekt. Hadde dette vore på engelsk ville det nok vore veldig mykje mindre "nyskapande". Misforstå meg rett, denne gjengen har ikkje funne opp kruttet på nytt, men dei brukar ein oppskrift som funker særs godt. Det dei får til spesielt godt er gitarane. Fy steike så digg det er å høyre sånn lys, No Use For A name-riffmagi igjen. Takk! (
Listen here


Gaphals, Kloakens Alternativa Antiproduktion 2018.
Limited edition reissue, yellow vinyl. Printed innersleeve & download card.

Re-issue of the seminal first full length 19 song LP by Sweden's Legendary melodic punk band,  ASTA KASK from 1986. Re-issued with a new alternate cover and extensive remastering by the band with Peter En Betou with Lacquers cut by George Horn.n.  Features “Lasse Lasse Liten” “Ringhals Brinner” and many of the bands legendary tracks they still perform live. 
Includes new liner notes.
Limited to 1,000 Copies in heavy weight sleeve. (


Gaphals, Kloakens Alternativa Antiproduktion 2018. 

Limited edition reissue, red vinyl. Printed innersleeve & download card. 

“MED IS I MAGEN” is the first 12” by Sweden's legendary punk band ASTA KASK, a cornerstone of Swedish Punk Rock and it's “Trallpunk” Genre - where lightning fast delivery of unrelenting melodic and upbeat punk is delivered hardcore tempo.  Featuring many of the bands classic tracks “Psykiskt Instabil”, “Till Far”, “Valkommen Hem”. This was the band's Best selling release, though it has become a sought after collector's item since it's release in 1985.  This is the first time the original 12” version has been re-pressed in it's debut format since it's initial Release.  
This version Features a heavy weight sleeve and new lyric insert with liner notes and lyric explanations. Re-mastered by Peter En Betou with Lacquers cut by George Horn.  (


Gaphals 2018. Limited to 1.000 copies on black vinyl. Poster of cover and download code included.
Det är fascinerande att Asta Kask efter 40 år fortfarande släpper ifrån sig högkvalitativt material när många band i samma genre trampar vatten. De visar än en gång att äldst är bäst." (

Listen here


SPØNK Records 2018. Gatefold, insert w/lyrics, incl. CD w/cardboard cover.

Astmastisk Gapskratt har nå sluppet debut plata Heller Fargerik En Kald digitalt og vinyl via Spønk Records. Her blåser de avgårde noe helt sykt, og jeg lukter referanser til Consumed og Propaghandi. Dette er ei sint partypunkplate som traff meg rett i hjerte! (...) ByLarm, P3 alle dere andre som mener rocken er død. Den er rett foran dere hele tiden, men det passer vel aldri helt med algoritmene deres?
Grunne til at jeg ikke går opp en karakter til, var at det var noe jeg ikke klarte sette fingen på som manglet.
Men alikevel sjekk ut plata.
 Leve fuzzpedal og sinte unge folk! (

Listen here


Spartan Records, Loyal Blood Records 2018. Limited Edition, Mustard Yellow / Cyan Swirl vinyl
First pressing limited to 300 copies:
• "Coin" Picture Disc (100)
• Mustard Yellow / Cyan Swirl (100) [THIS]
• Mustard Yellow (100) [European Exclusive]
Full color gatefold jacket printed on reverseboard stock. (

Nearly three years since their last full length release, Barren Womb return with "Old Money / New Lows": A jarring, mid-tempo dirge in 8 movements that sees the band further evolving into an animal all of its own.
Since their inception in late 2011, the Nordic heavy noise rockers have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their minimalistic approach, earsplitting volume and defiant experimentation. The duo, comprising singer/drummer Timo Silvola and singer/guitarist Tony Gonzalez, make efficient use of crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across.
From the sparse drumming and venomous narrative of album-opener "Crook Look", all the way through to the haunting, epic finale of "Russian Handkerchief", "Old Money / New Lows" repeatedly hits like a ton of bricks. Perhaps not immediately apparent though, is the catchiness buried beneath the nastiness. Sure, with its wall of abrasive guitars, screamed vocals and pummelling drums, there’s heaviness by the truckload here, but there’s also a newfound pop sensibility, perhaps most evident on "Theory Of Anything". The slower tempos offered have given the compositions more room to breathe and opened up for a more melodic approach. It has hooks, but in the same way AmRep or Dischord records had hooks.
"You’ll never get out of this world alive" Tony desperately howls on the slow burning "Drive-Thru Liquor Store", setting a menacing tone while at the same time paying homage to an old country hero. Thematically, Barren Womb continue to explore the dystopian universe they’ve created, this time delving deeper than ever before through fragmented stories and unsettling observations.
The album was recorded live and mixed by Håkon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho, Bertine Zetlitz, Ida Jenshus), with mastering duties handled by Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound, Morbid Evils). Adorning the cover is an original painting by artist and longtime collaborator Ole Spangrud. (

Listen here:

BEACHHEADS - S/T - €19 / 180NOK

Fysisk Format 2017. Purple vinyl. Powerpop feat. members also in Kvelertak, Overthrow, Bare Egil Band. 

The spark that became Beachheads was first ignited on a tour bus, as Kvelertak members Vidar (guitar) and Marvin (bass) fantasized about the endless potential of fuzzy guitars, energetic drums and good melodies. The two hard-working Kvelertak musicians had little time off, and Beachheads endured as more of a favourite dream band on days off, than a real band.

After a demo session in 2013 they hooked up with Stavanger-locals Espen, a metal drummer with a pop heart, and former synthpop-singer Børild. Together they knocked out three single tracks that quickly made a mark on playlists on both Norwegian and British national radio. The sudden success and interest came as a surprise for Beachheads who had no big plans, except for “maybe recording an album sometime”.

It soon became apparent that Børild’s drawer full of lyrics would be one of the main assets of the band. Having recently lived through the passing of his father, Børild, as the youngest son in the family has a lot to express. You have all kinds of poets, but Børild is definitely of the honest, direct kind. Whether it’s the hard realism in the grieving lyrics of Despair, Procession or Treasure Chest or the more amorous lyrics like Una and Give Me Some Love, it is all delivered with an unusual honesty, the mark of a singer with a true message.

Beachheads is the kind of band that will stay with you through life’s many twists and turns. The track sequence manifests life’s unpredictability and sharp contrasts, going from classic love songs to moments of deep despair. The album is brimmed with the sense a euphoric companionship, the power of trusting yourself and following your heart. Through the twelve tracks Børild establishes an ideal for us all: Truthfulness and honesty will get you through anything. (

Listen here


Crispin Glover Recs 2018
"The Very Presidential Edition". Re-pressed & re-wrapped colored vinyl, stickered pvc sleeve & an extra set of stickers for your own enjoyment (

Originally released on Lademoen Punkforening 2003


Let Them Eat Vinyl limited edition 2016 reissue. Clear vinyl in gatefold sleeve. Still sealed. 

DOOM - 教祖ラッシュ - €16 / 150NOK

Flat Earth 2010  remastered reissue.
The title means "Rush Hour Of The Gods".
Packaged in a 2-panel folded sleeve and comes with a double sided poster. (


- €16 / 150NOK

Agipunk 2009. Compilation, Remastered
Songs from split 7"EP with Hiatus 1993 and from split album with Selfish 1994.
Remastered / brickwalled at studio 1 in 12, and all the original artwork is featured in the inner booklet. (

FØKKEFJORD - S/T - €19 / 180NOK

Rural Rebel Rock 2018.
Rock, Folk, World, & Country, Lo-Fi, Blues Rock.
Føkkefjord er historien om 4400 Flekkefjord fortalt gjennom en mikrofon og en tilgriset akustisk gitar. Målet er lun panikk, småbyidyll og infantil glede. Middelet er snill støy: rock ’n’ roll avfyrt med lyddemper.
De to medlemmene i Føkkefjord har kjent hverandre siden tida i Kringla barnehage på sent nittitall, og holder byens stolte smuglertradisjon ved like gjennom tradisjonens moderne parallell: rock ’n’ roll. Etter en håndfull sporadiske, men sagnomsuste konserter – ikke minst på Fjellparkfestivalen, hvor bandet delte gratis øl fra ei trillebår på scenen – har Føkkefjord fått en hengiven følgerskare i lokalmiljøet.
Nå skal denne uslepne sørvestlandsjuvelen ut i verden, som så mange dekksgutter før dem, når den selvtitulerte debutplata endelig kommer ut. I februar presenterer det nye plateselskapet Rural Rebel Rock sju av Føkkefjord-hitsene fra livesettet på svart vinyl. Låtene er udødeliggjort i et nytt kontaktpunkt på DIY-distriktshimmelen, Elektrosjokk studio utenfor Sandnes, med Anders Krokedal som produsent.
Føkkefjord er et nytt flaggskip, som steget opp fra de utallige sprukne skrog som ligger til evig kai på Flekkefjordens bunn. En firtakters motor drevet på distriktskjærlighet. Og den ferske plata i trunken beviser at det er stø kurs og nye land i sikte. (

Listen here

- €18 / 170NOK

While our glorious, exalted fascist shit-gobbling leader welcomes the masses from Norway into the ultimate human-grinding, meaty and hellish utopia that is the United States… I would absolutely vouch for speeding up The Good The Bad and The Zugly’s citizenship based mostly on their ‘Worst Four Years’ compilation from last year and this snazzy hardcore punk full-length. It has all of the snot-sniffin’ goofs and curled upper lip necessary to successfully punk on the mass hysteria that the idiot masses perpetuate with their largely aimless existence.

‘Misanthropical House’ has all of the rowdy barn-burning hardcore boppin’ of Kvelertak without all the goofy Queens of the Stone Age references and instead offers lots of Turbonegro buffoonery and 90’s hardcore pomp n’ swagger riffing. The Good The Bad and The Zugly not only have a stupid and long name for a band that writes stupid and short songs but they’re actually pretty good at the ear-worming thing that punk has always done so well. From shouting about needing cocaine, admitting they aren’t tr00 80’s hardcore elitists, and needing a “place to drink, not to think” these fellows know how to party hard and drop a memorable moment on the regular. They tie a little Good Riddance style bow on things with the squishy Hellacopters-ish ballad of “Sickness Unto Death” to finish it off, too.

This album clicked with me based mostly on my enjoyment of Scandinavian hardcore punk and melodic hardcore/skatecore. It never crosses into the metal pond and isn’t much more than a 34 minute punk album with a generally sound ability to write rockin’ and memorable songs. They haven’t lost any of the edge they had on ‘Hadeland Hardcore’ in fact they’ve gotten even faster and more succinct, less dicking around and even more of a wry sense of humor. (

Listen here


Reprise Recs 2004, UK&Europe version. Double gatefold sleeve. 


'Use Your Illusion' Outtakes 2016. Clear vinyl version, unofficial release. 

A collection of the best studio out-takes and alternate versions from the Use Your Illusion' albums (


Fysisk Format 2018. 
250x on black vinyl.
Kongsberg, Norway 5-piece Haraball strike back with their third album on Fysisk Format: HYPNO!
Whilst the first two albums have been praised by the underground punk press for their blitzing fast and catchy hardcore, the listeners are in for something slightly different this time.
HYPNO is without a doubt our strongest work, and the thought of having to surpass it is dreadful. These are dangerous tracks and we can't really recommend them to anyone."

HYPNO is recorded and mixed by Haraball-guitarist Trond Mjøen and mastered by Chris Sansom. The artwork is, like all previous Haraball covers, drawn by Esra Røise. (tiger

Listen here:


2001 ltd.edt. numbered self release hugely inspired by Pompel & The Pilts. Members also in Krakow, Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band.

HavariKommisjonen så livets lys i 2007, den gangen som en kvartett som ønsket å hedre bergensrocken fra åtti- og nittitallet. Med tiden har bandet blitt til en trio, og det musikalske uttrykket hardere. I dag spiller HavariKommisjonen musikk med begge beina plantet bredt i rocken. Tekstene er fremdeles på bergensk, men kompet er blitt tyngre og gitaren sintere. HavariKommisjonen ga i 2009 ut en navløs ep i meget begrenset opplag, der alle plateomslagene er satt sammen og dekorert av bandet selv.HavariKommisjonen har etterhvert gjort en lang rekke konserter i alle størrelser. De to største i publikumsantall må nok være Lost Weekend (3000) og Ole Bull Scene (700 – support for Bjørn Hellfuck), men vi er likevel mer stolte over våre stadige samarbeid med andre Bergensartister som blant andre Helge Grønhaug (De Musikalske Dvergene), Piddi Fjeldstad (Pompel & the Pilts) og Kiss Kiss King Kong
Våren 2011 var bandet i Solslottet og Duper Studio for å spille inn debutalbumet «Falsk Forklaring». Platen er spilt inn av Iver Sandøy, og mikset og mastret av Iver Sandøy og Jørgen Træen. Bandet er veldig stolte av det ferdige resultatet. «Falsk Forklaring» består av 9 spor og representerer det nye HavariKommisjonen, samtidig som den viser litt av hva bandet stod for da det startet opp. (

Listen here

HEKSA - S/T - €16 / 150NOK

Melodic Hardcore/Punk band from Madrid, Spain and Halden, Norway. Members also in Lucky Malice, Garden. Limited to 300 copies with lyric sheet. 

La Agonía De Vivir , In My Heart Empire, Andalucia Über Alles, El Lokal, Muerte A Tipo, Tonehjulet Kräftpest, Broca Records, Hysterical Records, Pumpkin Records, Tranzophobia ‎2016. 


Wild Kingdom 2008. 
New, unplayed copy. Opened sealing to check version. No poster. 

- €19 / 180NOK

FOAD Musick 2018Recorded live at the Rebellion Festival (Blackpool, UK), Casbah Stage Saturday 4th August 2017. One time pressing of 500 on Red heavyweight vinyl. Numbered /500 with sticker on sleeve. (

After much deliberation, rehearsal and nerves… Steve Ignorant and Paranoid Visions decided to celebrate Steve’s 40 years in the music industry with a special show at the wonderful Rebellion Festival, Blackpool, United Kingdom at 5.15pm August 5th 2017 on the 3000 capacity outdoor stage known as the Casbah. The set was regarded as one of the festivals highlights and the atmosphere, spirit of celebration and general love in the air was something that took everyone by surprise….
Included in the set for the first time officially in many years was material from Crass, mixed with Stratford Mercenaries, Conflict, Dirt, Poison Girls, Flux of Pink Indians and the bands own material nestling together showing a 40 year spread of material Steve has been associated with.. or just adored!
As luck would have it, somebody bootlegged the entire set, and as even more luck would have it the sound captured was fantastic and really captured the feeling of being right there at the show… at the front… which is exactly where he was. Even more luck strikes when Crass collaborator and the man behind the re-masters of the Crass albums volunteered to spend many hours improving the sound. (
- €27 / 250NOK
Thunderstick's 'Kings Of Metal' Series No. 6

Philips unofficial comp, red clear vinyl. 
Tracks from BBC Radio 1 - Friday Rock Show - 14th Novembre 1979 
An original "Metal For Mutha's" LP version - 1980 of "Wratchild"
Soundhouse Tapes EP & "Strange World" from same recording sesson - 30/31 December 1978 
1980 B-side to the "Running free" 7'' single/UK 

Demo and rare recordings

Arkain Filloux, Belgium 2015 unofficial repress. 


Twisted Chords 2007. With 24 page colored booklet

Kolokol was a Norwegian hardcore band from Skien. Members also in Dead Man's Hand, Vingulmork and Mi. 


Fysisk Format 2017. 
Consisting of members from Social Suicide and a slew of other bands on the Norwegian underground scene, these four guys finally find their ultimate form on this album. Recorded and mixed by Turbonegro and Silver’s Tommy Akerholdt, Korrupt’s Preachers and Creatures comes off as the synthesis of previous Fysisk Format albums like Haust’s Ride the Relapse (2008) and The Good the Bad and the Zugly’s Hadeland Hardcore (2015).
Originating from the “Bible belt”-part of Norway, all four members of Korrupt have broken away from their background in off-mainstream charismatic Christianity. -The album was never meant to be a concept album, but in retrospect it appears as a portraiture of someone young, angry and fed up with the looming hand of organized religion, singer and lyricist Marius Myhren explains.
The lyrics also orbit more universal themes like anxiety, depression, evil and friendship. All in all, the album can be read as summoning of personal authority, of building resistance and finding your own path in a world of confusion, greed and destructive propaganda. Preachers and Creatures is definitely the kind of album where you should listen with the lyric sheet laid out in front of you.
In Korrupt, Fysisk Format see the unusual combination of uncompromising political attitude and raw melodic power. Preachers and Creatures is the perfect cure for a sedated generation that need to walk up and shape the future.

Preachers and Creatures was produced by Marius and Esteban from Korrupt alongside Tommy Akerholt and mastered by Hugo Alvarstein. The album will manifest on digital formats as well as on vinyl. The vinyl will come in a triple-pantone printed sleeve and innersleeve with artwork by Basque-come-Norwegian artist Lara of Subterraean Prints. (
Listen here

- €19 / 180NOK

Rural Rebel Rock 2018

Hailing from Gamlebyen, Oslo, Kosmik Boogie Tribe was formed by members of The Good the Bad and the Zugly, Lonely Kamel and Mormones with the aim to destroy the current ratshit music scene in Oslo Squid City by playing degenerate and dirty rockn’roll. The group recently completed the work on their third album together with producer Anders Møller at Sub Sonic Society Studio in Olso. Titled “We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders”, the follow up to 2016’s “Suck More Piss” LP is set for release on April 6th and also marks the birth of Rural Rebel Rock, a new record label run by Tiger Records from Olso.
“Stop! Stop! Hey stop, HEY STOP! Take a look at the clock!” Anders the engineer shouted in our headphones. It was 7.50pm and we were in the middle of recording the fourth song for the day. “ Says guitarist/vocalist Morten Lunde about the recording process for this new album.
“Beer run? Shop closes 8! Hell yeah. We’d been recording since early in the day and were on a roll. But outta beers? So we ran down the stairs and out on the street and bunkered up on cold ones from the shop around the corner. We opened a few and got back into the recording room. By 9 we had a killer take of what was gonna be the last song on side A and Eirik started on the first guitar overdubs. The rest of us shared a spooky rollie, kicked back and listened to Eirik’s massive solo on Pablo. It sounded like his black SG had set fire to the Fender Deluxe it was going through. Then little-Vegard cried to play a solo too. He ran in, grabbed my white SG Standard and blasted through the solo section in one take. Mags looked at Thomas and said “This is gonna be our Freebird.” I was grinning like a shot fox.  (

Listen here


Tonehjulet Kräftpest 2018
Alternative RockEtherealPost Rock. Members also in Göttemia, Blackbird Raum, Regn, Fork, Årabrot and Vaya Con Satan. 
Musikken til LMO. kan beskrives som en blanding av trist indie rock og skranglete pop med rockelementer.
Albumet er følelsesladet og spekket med philicorda orgel, trøkkende trommer, elgitarer, samt klimprende kassegitarer og en overstyrt Bass-Vi. Musikken kan gi assosiasjoner til Elliot Smith, med en vokal som låter som My Midnight Creeps, eller tidvis som om Fred Cole fra Dead Moon sang i baryton-leie. 

Da albumet ble innspilt besto orkesteret av Simen Følstad Nilsen på gitar, orgel og synth, Casper Støten på gitar, Magnus Nymo (Fork, Regn, Årabrot, Oslo Ess) på trommer og Laurits Mosseby (Göttemia) i front. I ettertid har Mads Golden (Oslo Ess) tatt over som trommis. Albumet er spilt inn i det legendariske Athletic Sound i Halden. Albumet er mikset av Ole Laurits Mosseby og Simen Følstad Nilsen (Aiming for Enrike, Honningbarna). (

Liste here:


Tonehjulet Kräftpest 2017
When most people think about Norway, they tend to think of people in corpse paint, burning churches or mournful indie.  Lucky Malice buck that trend with Misfit, which is one of my favourite punk albums in a long time.  So raw and powerful with explosion of politics, feminism and emotions that it is hard to ignore. Their riot grrrrl-punk noise with feminist messages is powerful, performed with a confidence that comes with the knowledge of their talent.  

 When I first reviewed this for my other blog, I noted that they have created an album that has the energy of a Bad Brains & Discharge hybrid, full of drama, powerful social messages, and frantic riffs, kicking the hell out of the subject matters and it sounds glorious.  Like all great punk albums, the production is raw and back to basics and the message is more important than crystal clear sound, just the way it should be.  If you are looking for that in a Hardcore, kick-ass Feminist punk album, get Misfit today! – Eddie Carter (

Listen here

MC5 - KICK OUT THE JAMS - €27 / 250NOK

                 Elektra, Rhino Records ‎2012. Reissue, remastered, 180 gram vinyl, gatefold sleeve. EU pressing. Originally released in 1969.


Fat Wreck Chords 2011.
6 covers sung in their native Japanese. Limited edition of 427 on blue color vinyl. (

Winnepeg December 13 1986

Bad Joker 2016 ltd. edt., unofficial release. Double vinyl, plastic sealed.


Dischord 1990. Remixed and remastered repress/reissue. 


Bronze/Sanctuary Recs reissue, unknown year. 
Ace of Spades is the fourth studio album by the band Motörhead, released 8 November 1980, on Bronze Records. It peaked at No. 4 on the UK Albums Chart and reached Gold status by March 1981. It was preceded by the release of the title track as a single on 27 October, which peaked in the UK Singles Chart at No. 15 in early November. (


Bronze, Sanctuary Recs 2015 reissue on 180g. New, unplayed copy. Still sealed so might come with a download code. Check the other BMGRM-releases of this.


Earache 2018 reissue. 
Originally released in 1990, 'Harmony Corruption' took Napalm Death into a ore Death Metal direction and showcased the new line up of Mick Harris, Shane Embury, Mark 'Barney' Greenway, Jesse Pintado and Mitch Harris. (

                 Coalition Records, Prügelprinz Records 2009.Recorded at the studio of the Bauplatz, Venlo, October 3 and 10, 1983.
Originally released as a demo tape. Rereleased in a gatefold sleeve.

Underated hc punk band from Holland. Amazing 80s thrashy stuff. (

Demos 7-9-80


Swingshift Records 2017. Unofficial release

"This record contains New Order's first demos recorded at Western Works Studio July 9, 1980 in Sheffield". This is incorrect, according to Rob Gretton's notebooks this session took place on 7 September 1980. (


Let Them Eat Vinyl 2012. Unofficial re-release, double vinyl. New copy, still sealed.

US TV Broadcast 1993

Bad Joker 2017. Unofficial re-release, double vinyl, 500 copies. New copy, still sealed. 

...and more rare and unreleased tracks

Bad Joker 2017. Limited edition 500 copies, unofficial release.
Recorded live at The Triple J broadcast. Live at The Palace, Melbourne, 1992,
at The Pier in Seattle, 1993 and broadcasts from MTV USA and Saturday Night Live, 1992. (


Fat Wreck 2012. Includes MP3 Download Card of Entire Album. (


Fucking North Pole Recs 2018 discography comp. Limited edition white vinyl in 100 copies, including booklet, DVD, insert and band photo.

Fucking North Pole Records har gitt ut vinylplate (hvit) med det klassiske Tromsø- pønk/nyveiv-bandet Norgez Bank med tittelen «Samfunnets tjenera, som er en samling av alle studioinnspillingene til Norgez Bank i perioden ´80-81 og faktisk debutplata deres. (...)
«Springtime In Belsen» er opprinnelig utgitt på EP’en «Life Of Rian!» fra 1980, regnet som den første pønk-/nyveiv singelen fra Nord-Norge. «Nordens Paris» er fra samme EP. «Tromsø Brenn», opprinnelig utgitt i 1981, er Norgez Banks versjon av The Clashs klassiker «London Burning». (...)
Utrolig kult at en Norgez Bank-samler er blitt utgitt! Jeg får omtrent samme wow-følelelse som når The Tables-samleren «The Tables ‎– Wonderland – The Greatest Adventures 1988 – 2003» kom i 2016. Riktignok er det ujevn låt-kvalitet på «Samfunnets tjenera», men utgivelsen er en viktig dokumentasjon av pønken i Tromsø tidlig på 80-tallet. (

Listen here


Big Day Recs 2018. Norwegian ska/pop/punk/rock heavily influenced by The Aller Værste, De Press etc. Listen here

Norsk råkk er nok the next big thing i norsk musikkliv. På sitt nye album «Helgardert» åpner de med en calypso inspirert intro før de selvsikkert og vakkert setter i gang en smektede og litt melankolsk skalåt med blåsere som fanger lytteren umiddelbart. Med den låten er albumet satt.

Dette følges opp med mer uptempo ska slik som man husker så gjerne fra The Aller Værste og The Phantoms (for å nevne noen). På den fjerde bremser de opp og gjør en reggaelåt på svensk(!). Før de så drar opp farta igjen. Sånn fortsetter de å variere med stil, intensitet og uttrykk, men aldri uten at spilleglede og fengende rytmer siler ut av høytalerne. Faktisk er coverversjonen av «Du sklei meg så nært innpå livet» albumets akilleshæl da låten er en klassiker som fortjener en mer radikal omgang enn en tilnærmet planking. For folk som aldri har hørt originalen vil den nok fungere like sterkt som resten av albumet, men hvem over 30 har ikke hørt originalen? Da var den Police aktige reggaelåten «Husker» meget bedre.

Det går i norskspråklige tekster som behandler hverdagsproblemer og litt større spørsmål med den største selvfølgelighet. At The Aller Værste er en lysende stjerne i Norsk rocks platesamlinger kan det ikke herske noen tvil om. Spesielt på tekstsiden er dette tydelig, uten at det blir noe klisjeaktig etteraping. Neida de klarer definitivt ha et personlig preg som sitter fra første lytt og gir albumet en fortjent troverdighet.

Alt i alt har Norsk rock rendyrket sin ska/reggae stil og gitt rocken mer eller mindre på båten. I hvert fall på dette albumet. De om det men etter noen runder så sitter albumet steintungt i øret og selv en person som aldri danser offentlig tar ubehjelpelige noen ska trinn på vei mot kjøledisken mens man halvhøyt mumler «Har aldri noen tid å miste/ender alltid opp i siktet» med et litt for høyt SKARPLADD. Jo dette albumet kommer definitivt til å bli en festlig følgesvenn på etthvert party, for ikke å snakke om i levende live på en scene nært deg.

Denne bør du unne deg. (


Norwegian punk rock band, Oh See Demons have released their debut album, Personal Issues on February 23rd. The eleven tracks begin with Don’t Forget Me, a melodic skate-punk powerhouse of a track propelled by a booming bass and chunky riffs. Sounding more like a band from the sun-drenched beaches of So-Cal rather than the west coast of Norway, Oh See Demons deliver some epic punk rock on I Think You Left Your Shoes with harmonious vocals overlaid onto some serious pace and power throughout!
Possibilities (In So-Called Space) maintains the momentum and introduces some off-kilter sections but is dominated with some tight as hell interplay between the instruments and vocals…wow! The four minutes of Mouth Breather continue to attack at pace whereas the three minutes of No Sleep, Again have a dirtier mid-paced riff.
On Glass Containers the “whooaaahhh oooh ooohhhs” of the backing vocals add a Sum 41/Blink 182 vibe to the sound whilst You Fall, I Follow cements the deal with a melodic skate-punk approach. The sheer wall of sound introduction of Wrong Direction sets up a clever song full of pace changes and twists and turns. Just Before You Go is a head-banging delight with monster beats and angular riffs and the penultimate track, All Eyes is a sub-two minute rampage.
Ending this very strong album with the epic riffs of Fake Smile, Oh See Demons wrap up the package brilliantly. This is excellent skate-punk well played, well written and well delivered throughout. (

Listen here


Ohnesorg is a Norwegian band playing subversive folk songs, to a large extent modernized versions of old leftist political songs. The name 'Ohnesorg' derives from the West-German student Benno Ohnesorg, who were shot and killed by police at a demonstration against the state visit of the Shah of Iran on June 2th, 1967 in Berlin. (

Ohnesorg kaller seg selv en progressiv visegruppe, og de spiller viser med en viss politisk snert og relevans. På det nyetablerte plateselskapet No.13, som er et slags musikkollektiv med stor kjærlighet for den gode gamle grammofonplata, eller for “vinyl”, som ungdommen sier, er de altså de første til å gi ut et album. Sanger for rastløse er en nedstrippa plate full av forskjellige viser i ymse former og stemninger. Med gamle kampsanger fra den spanske borgerkrigen, egne låter og tonesatte dikt av Jens Bjørnebo, får de en viss bredde på sitt lyriske univers. Uttrykket er lavmælt og melankolsk med en fin humor der en småsnill, for ikke å si kledelig skarp sarkasme noen ganger ligger i bunn.
Med sang, klarinett, akustisk gitar, og perkusjon, har de funnet seg godt til rette i et lydbilde som passer like fint til en flaske rødvin en sen og regntung høstkveld, som det vil kle en solfylt dag nede på svaberget. Det er utilsminka og veldig jordnært, det vi får servert her, og det er tidvis veldig vakkert. Om jeg skulle sette fingeren på noe, og pirke litt, må det være at albumet kan utarte seg som noe monotont i lengden. Men for all del. Dette er et spennende orkester vi fint kan forvente oss fine ting fra også i fremtiden. En finfin utgivelse. (

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Overground Records, FOAD Records 2017.
Limited edition 500 copies on pink vinyl, includes lyric sheet
New, unplayed copy. Cover shows some storage wear.

Never ones to play by the rules, Dublin’s Paranoid Visions continue their run of annual album releases alternating between themselves and their alter ego Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions. Last year’s release “Now and Then..!” with the Crass singer onboard entered the Irish charts at number 6! And like the previous years “Cryptic Cross Words” received rave reviews and a great deal of critical acclaim.
This year’s release started life as a single, then became an e.p, then became a 12″ single whereupon the band elected to add 5 bonus tracks onto side two and create a hybrid ep / lp release!
Pressed on beautiful pink vinyl and featuring a Lowry-inspired painting of the band outside the Wintergarden in Blackpool the home of the annual Rebellion festival the ep tracks have gathered a huge reaction at live shows showing the band are still gathering ideas, improving and are enjoying their 35-year overnight success.
As ever the lyrics are hard hitting and varied, penned by Deko, one if the most prolific writers in Irish literary history, but this time topics are  even more diverse. (...)
The 5 bonus tracks consist of three tracks recorded live in the studio (no overdubs / first takes) “the angelus @ 6pm“,  “Murder Most Foul” and “Across the Holocausts“,  along with the band’s version of “West One” by the Ruts. The album concludes with a total departure in musical soundscaping with a dance remix of the 2012 track “Statement of Intent” featuring the Shend (from the Cravats). (

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Prihola Records 2016. Blue vinyl. Norwegian powerpop. 

Høsten er her, og for fans av Game of Thrones er det en kjent sak at vinteren kommer. Hva er vel da bedre enn å hente tilbake sommeren med en solid dose punka gladrock? Høstdepresjonen vil fordufte så snart du setter på Duft Fornuftenav Oslobandet Påls butikk
Showet åpner med singelen (og min personlige favoritt) «Karin Hagen Bolstad», som virkelig setter en høy standard for resten av albumet. Selv om de ikke når denne høyden igjen i løpet av albumet, mener jeg nivået på debuten generelt er høyt. Påls butikk klarer å mane opp en stemning som gir deg et smil om munnen og lyst til å danse litt der du sitter under pleddet i sofaen din. Dette vil utvilsomt gjøre dem til et populært liveband. I denne sammenheng er det også verdt å trekke frem de herlige «To i bilen» og «Tilbake», som har mye av den samme effekten som åpningslåten. Sistnevnte er med god margin platens hardeste låt, og inneholder utrolig nok bittelitt screamvokal. 
Med det sagt har platen også noen spor som viker fra feelgoodvibbene på de nevnte låtene. Kulden og høststemningen legger seg spesielt over meg under låtene «Alt som før» og «Ser en annen vei». Her viser Pål butikk sin melankolske og filosoferende side, og selv om tekstene er gode klarer jeg ikke å sette like stor pris på disse sangene. Spesielt den triste «Alt som før» blir en liten nedtur for min del, da jeg helt klart foretrekker det Påls butikk får til på gladlåtene. Dette er også avslutningssporet på albumet og gjør at jeg sitter igjen uten den gode følelsen resten av albumet ga meg. 
Påls butikk har klart å lage et album jeg setter mer og mer pris på for hver gang jeg hører det. Jeg skal ærlig innrømme at vokalen tidvis plagde meg litt i starten (spesielt på de rolige/melankolske låtene), men etter hver gjennomlytting forsvant dette gradvis. Vokalen kommer til å være avgjørende for mange av de som sjekker ut dette albumet, for tekstformidlingen står sentralt på Duft Fornuften, og Mats Larsens stemme er dermed en veldig sentral del av lydbildet på alle låtene. 
Om du er tom for kakao en oktoberkveld er det bare å sette på Duft Fornuften for å holde varmen. (
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Rhino/Sire 2017 ltd. edt. double 
vinyl reissue of the first and fourth classic Ramones albums that shaped music history forever. 
This is so rare, it’s not even listed on Discogs!


Indie/punk/rock from Besancon, France. Featuring members of the Irradiates and Jack and the Bearded Fishermen. Exclusive bonus track on this release, the Marked Men cover "Get To You".Vouhvoue, GPS Prod, Impure Muzik, Emergence, Dingleberry Records, Dangerhouse Skylab, Some Produkt, Shot Down 2016. Black vinyl 12" with special artwork for the vinyl version.


Randale Recs 2016. 12" black vinyl copy of the long awaited, critically acclaimed second LP

Listen here

Wanted: The Goodman Tapes

Skyclad Recs 1988. Appears to be an unofficial rerelease. 
Contains a different take of the Cook/Jones rarity "Here We Go Again" in excellent quality. One track is not the Sex Pistols. 


Norwegian Leather ‎2007 reissue. Originally released on X-Port Plater in 1987. Comes with original lyric sheet. (> 

YOU COULD BE A COP - S/T - €13 / 120NOK

Emo, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock. 350 copies on black vinyl. 

Adagio830, Strictly No Capital Letters, Time As A Color, Worried Songs, Lilla Himmel, How Is Annie Records, Friends Of Mine Records, Siste Sukk, Middle-Man Records, Beth Shalom Records 2017

YOU COULD BE A COP is a three piece slowcore punkrock band from Norway/UK. This is their debut album feat. 4 beautiful emo songs somewhere between old emo bands like Samuel, Pohgoh, early Rainer Maria.
Two boys and a girl playing rock music with guitars, drums and singing on top. (

Listen here


Übertøs er no aktuelle med sitt andre album « Shake Off» med release 20.jan 2018.
Albumet er spelt inn i Duper Studio, Bergen Kjøtt, produsert av Yngve Sæthre og Martin Smoge.
Andre utgjevingar: Ep-en To Hell on one Wheel (2011), bestillingsverket og singelen (på fransk) til kortfilmen Return og debutalbumet >i>We do eat Lions (2014). Albumet vart spela inn i Conclave & Earshot Studios, over Garage, med hjelp av Bjørnar Nilsen (Vulture Industries/Karisma Records) som produsent og Herbrandt Larsen (Enslaved) som ansvarleg for mastringa. Albumcoveret er i seg sjølv eit samleobjekt, det er måla av kunstnar og tatovør Tomas Bruvik.
Übertøs spelar rå og melodiøs rock med stil. Ubertøs byrja som eit The Smiths coverband i 2004. Bandet vart kjapt kjent i musikkmiljøet i Bergen for sin kompromisslause blanding av sjangrar, uortodokse akkordar og akkordrekkjer. Sidan starten som AKKS-band og fram til i dag har übertøs vore eit fast medlem i det bergenske undergrunnsmiljøet, og spelt jamnt på dei aller fleste scenene i Bergen (sjå eige liste for konsertbio). Übertøs, som i starten heitte Pølsefar, har sidan oppstarten hatt ein god del utskiftingar av bandmedlemmar, men opplevde den drøyaste av dei i 2015 da grunnleggjar og bassist Hilde Kristin, i tillegg til trommisen Anders Thomassen slutta.
Sjangermessig har bandet gått frå å vere eit indie poprock band inspirert av band som Belle and Sebastian, Stereo Total, Siouxie and the Banshees og Velvet Underground, til å bli meir av eit garagerock/new wave band som lurar inn element frå køntri, punk, powerpop og 60-tals girlgroup. (

Listen here

WARSAW - S/T - €27 / 250NOK

DOL 2018 limited edition, reissue, unofficial release 180g 
Warsaw was the name used by Joy Division for their early performances and during the recording sessions for their first 7" EP, "An Ideal For Living". 
They changed their name to Joy Division before that record was released This is the early sessions of the classic Joy Division line up. (

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